Hey Everybody, Daz Vagabond here… 

Daz is a shortcut of my full name Darwin Corpuz and Vagabond as you know, a person who wanders from one place to another without a home.

I grew up in a small town located in the northern part of the Philippines. Like any other story, after I finished my college, I landed a job abroad working full time in a travel industry.

I never dreamed of working in Middle East but this is where my fate brought me. My life was really hard at first knowing that it is not an open country and the fact that you’re living independently and far away from your family yet I have no choice but to get used to it.

Months go by, I was earning enough to support my family and my needs; I even fulfilled one of my goals and bought a new house. Yes, I was happy and contented with my life doing the same routine every single day.

As years passed by, I’m slowly dying inside… 

My life was stuck in the rat race; I did what other people expected from me. One day I woke up and realized that working in a company is building other’s dreams and somebody else bank account.

That was the time when I decided to quit my job and book a ticket to the other side of the world and start my journey being a nomad.

Though, I have had to explain my decision to people close to me, which SUCKS but is expected. More often, I find that I have to justify my decision to myself as well. Doubt, worry, and fear creep and lurk in the back of my mind all the damn time, but I try my best to be optimistic and remind myself that this is the life I want.

Call me cheesy, but I really think that over the years, travel has helped me become a better person. I’ve learned lessons on the road and I don’t think I would have taken hold in me if I hadn’t experienced them overseas. So when I am doubtful, sad or trying to tell people that I don’t just throw my money out the window and get drunk while traveling, that it actually has MEANING to me, that I actually grow and improve from my experiences abroad, I remind myself of these lessons I’ve learned hopping around the world and meeting different people from different walks of life.

Traveling around the world and seeing people in all sorts of circumstances makes me appreciate my freedom more and more. I don’t think people can truly appreciate what they have until you travel somewhere and are faced with abject poverty, or to a place where people don’t have the same freedoms we are blessed with back home. That is where I consider myself lucky, and I don’t think I would have ever come to that realization without traveling far and wide.

When I tell people how often I travel, I frequently met with the famous “wow, you are so lucky!” comment.

Well, I HATE that comment because it’s usually implied with a sly hint of “you must come from money” or somehow I didn’t have to work as hard for this lifestyle. I’ve waxed poetic enough about lame excuses for not traveling.

Now, I am living my dreams and inspiring people on how to live theirs.

“Life is not meant to just simply work 8 hours a day, wait for the weekend and get paid.”