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It’s been three days now since I flew to Athens Greece and I’ve learned a lot about the Greek culture and local lifestyle. My goal for living all over the world is really to immerse myself, to adapt and understand the cultural differences and people ways of living.

I’m currently staying in Hotel Evripides which is very accessible to Acropolis and Monastiraki station. Each day has been a new adventure and I’m starting to love the place and the people, though I am trying my best to have less fun and get more work done. Lol just kidding around!

Now that I’ve been here for about three days now, let’s see how much it costs to live in the capital of Greece! We heard a lot of people saying that they wouldn’t spend too much time in Athens as it’s not as interesting as the islands, after being here for a while now, the city definitely has a lot to offer. So please, don’t cross it off your list just yet!


Flying from Jeddah wasn’t that much expensive. I used Royal Jordanian and didn’t have any problems with the airline. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any direct flights to Athens, so I had to book two separate flights and have a stop-over in Amman. But to be honest, it wasn’t such a bad thing as I was lucky to meet my Jordanian friend ( Abdullah Almasri) and had a chance to talk each other. He even treated me for a drinks which I loved most haha. Sounds really good right? I just love the FACT that I have so many friends around the world!

My flight cost me 499usd from Jeddah to Athens and coming back from Frankfurt to Jeddah. The airlines only allowed one piece of baggage weighing not more than 30kgs which is not bad because I’m traveling all the times with just a backpack.


For the first time in forever, the city I landed in was the city I am going to stay in! No buses or train or shuttle. Just a metro from the airport to take me to my hotel. It’s relatively easy to find when you land, just follow the sign. And don’t be surprised when they charge you 10euro for the ride. I thought the metro was going to be CRAZY expensive and I would never take it until I realized it was a special price for the airport only. The ride takes about 40mins to get to the downtown, so it’s normal that they would charge you a bit more.

You can also take a taxi or bus, but it’ll definitely be a lot more expensive. I recommend the metro for everybody!


My hotel (Hotel Evripides) in Athens is the best one I’ve had so far. The reception guy name Mike is friendly and approachable, the hotel is clean and the location is very ideal to backpackers like me because it’s very close to Monastiraki station and one of the highlights of the hotel is you get used to see the lovely view of Acropolis on the rooftop (7th floor) that is were you can have breakfast or dinner. I’m not sure if they serve lunch because I’m always outside lol. Also what I love is that it’s a 20mins walking distance to Acropolis, the famous tourist spot in Athens so you can save money for just walking around.

For digital nomad like me, having a great hotel is always a plus. Unlike tourists, I don’t have to leave it every day to go visit something as I spend most of my time working haha I’m kidding again! My hotel rent was only 40euro per night which is very cheap isn’t it? ?


If the price of my hotel was reasonable, don’t be surprised but my food was very affordable as well. The breakfast is included on my hotel rent so I just have to think about my lunch and dinner but no problem because there are lots of restaurants and fast food chain located on the downtown that is very affordable. On my first day, I only spent 9euro for my lunch. For my dinner, I have to share you one of my secret, promise me that you don’t laugh but I’m just being wise and brought instant cup noodles and biscuits for emergency purposes haha so my dinner was solved already. I hate myself for being wise. ?


As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to consider the location of hotel or apartment that you will be staying with. It should be accessible to the city, tourists spots and restaurants so that you can save money just by walking around. All you have to spend is the entrance fee for Museums and Temples. I only spent 17euro for the entrance fee for Acropolis and Parthenon.

Here is my hotel receipt and the total breakdown of my expenses in one day.

One way Metro Train                                       :     10 Euro

Hotel Rent                                                          :     40 Euro per night (including breakfast)

Lunch                                                                  :        8 Euro

Acropolis and Parthenon Entrance Fee       :      17 Euro

Bottle of Water (2)                                           :       2 Euro

Total                                                                    :     77 Euro

Note, the total amount 77 Euro is only for my total expenses for the day. It does not include the total average of my plane ticket cost.



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