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Traveling to Europe can be quite expensive, but if planned correctly, it can be easily done with a small budget. One of the best ways to get from one corner to another of Europe is to travel by bus.

I have proved it myself and pulled together for you why you should choose taking the bus over the train for your next European adventures.

1. Cheaper fares

A neat way to enjoy your trip without breaking the bank is to cut down on transport expenses. There are a lot of bus companies operating within Schengen countries that is very affordable compare to a train ticket that is very expensive and might set you back for not traveling especially during peak season.

Buses are becoming an increasingly popular alternative among backpackers and travelers looking for the best budget-friendly option that’ll give them the most bang for their buck. A bus trip from Brussels to Amsterdam would cost you 26euro while the same trip by train will come up around 95euro (prices are based on my departure date during end of December 2016). Saving money is easy with bus traveling, especially with ticket prices being discounted to as low as 1euro at times.

2. Convenient

The European bus network is well-developed with connections spanning across more than 500 destinations, making it simpler for you to plan your perfect trip. Plus, you can spare yourself an extra shuttle trip as most bus stations are located directly in the city’s center and are easily accessible.

Fun fact: You’re in for a treat if you’re traveling inside the European Union. Within the Schengen area, you’ll be able to cross from one country to another without having to pass through a border which makes for a faster trip with less hassle.

3. Eco-friendly

Not only is taking the bus good for your wallet, but it’s also equally as good for the environment. Clocking in with the smallest carbon footprint, the bus wins hands down the title of greenest motorized mode of transportation. In fact, only 0.6-0.9 litres of gas is required to carry a passenger over 100 km by bus compared to the 2.6 litres needed when traveling by train.

4. Comfortable

Gone are the days when buses had a bad rap. With major amenities upgrades over the years, riding coach is now synonymous with modernity and increased comfort. The services offered on buses are on par with those found on trains. Most bus companies like FlixBus or EuroRail, now give you access to WiFi, power outlets, ample legroom and reclining seats among many other benefits.

5. Flexible

Bus staff is usually more lenient when it comes to what you can or can’t bring in your luggage and carry-on. That water bottle? Nope, not a danger. However, it’s still better to err on the safe side and check with your bus company before your trip.

6. Scenic rides

There’s no better way to explore Europe’s picturesque landscapes than by taking the bus. The bus will lead you off the beaten path and straight into the heart of the action making your ride nothing short of a visual delight. You’ll encounter some of Europe’s best hidden gems and sceneries that you wouldn’t have been able to catch by train.

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